Point of Care Products

We provide high-quality arrays of Point of Care (POC) solutions, Our diagnostics partners are a top choice for health care professionals around the world. Our POC range allows healthcare providers to give fast and accurate results as an aid in patient diagnosis.

Point of Care product range comprises of products for :

  1. HIV
  2. Infectious disease
  3. Drugs of Abuse
  4. Fertility
All products in the range offer

Short time to result


Easy interpretation


Instrument free operation


Excellent sensitivity and specificity


The Uni-Gold™ range of rapid point-of-care test devices consists of high-quality, single use immunoassays to aid in the diagnosis of HIV, STDs, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. The ease of use and robustness of the products ensures they can be reliably used in diverse settings including clinical laboratories, STD clinics and VCT centres.

All products in the range offer:

  1. Uni-Gold™ HIV Complete
  2. Uni-Gold™ HIV