What we do

Ash Biomedical is an organization dedicated to the supply of diagnostics products that are ideally suited for the clinical laboratory and hospital market. Ash Biomedical was founded in 2011 to help meet the need for pharmaceutical supplies, diagnostic equipment and healthcare services in Nigeria. Our mission is to identify, solicit, collect, sort and deliver supplies and services according to the imperative needs of our customers. Being an international organization provides our clients with a measure of security and credibility that we can deliver their needs to international standards.

Our Mission

To provide medical diagnostics equipment aiming for new developments and progress in medical solutions to support medical professionals in their efforts for their patients of regaining a healthy life

Our Vision

To be the leading distributor of innovative medical diagnostic test kits making technology more friendly to the people. While establishing a dedicated customer contacts throughout our organization.

Fast and accurate results in the point of care setting

With over 8 years of experience marketing high-quality arrays for the health care system, Ash Biomedical Diagnostic is one of the diagnostics partners of choice for health care professionals around the world. Our product range allows healthcare providers to give fast and accurate results as an aid in patient diagnosis.

Our Partners

We are currently the appointed representatives in West Africa for the manufacturers listed below. We distribute exclusively and supply products from these manufacturers in the Nigerian market.