Laboratory Products

We provide high-quality arrays of Laboratory product solutions, Our diagnostics partners are a top choice for health care professionals around the world. Our POC range allows healthcare providers to give fast and accurate results as an aid in patient diagnosis.

Air Compressors
Balance Enclosures and Powder Weighing Cabinets
Balances – Analytical
Balances – Microbalances
Balances – Platform/Industrial
Balances – Portable
Barcode Scanners
Block Heaters
Bottle Top Dispensers / Burettes
Bunsen Burners
Calibration Equipment
Calibration Weights – E2 Standard – Individual Weights
Calibration Weights – E2 Standard – Weight Sets
Calibration Weights – F1 Standard – Individual Weights
Calibration Weights – F1 Standard – Weight Sets
Calibration Weights – F2 Standard – Individual Weights
Calibration Weights – F2 Standard – Weight Sets
Cell Washers
Centrifuge Tubes – Centrifugal Concentrators
Centrifuge Tubes – Centrifugal Filtration
Centrifuge Tubes – Pressure-Fugation
Centrifuges – Benchtop
Centrifuges – Floor Standing
Centrifuges – Haematocrit
Centrifuges – Microfuges
Chairs – Laboratory
Chloride Meters
Class I Cabinets
Class II Cabinets
Class III Cabinets
Colony Counters
Controlled Rate Freezers
COVID-19 – Back To Work Equipment
Cryostorage Equipment – Aprons
Cryostorage Equipment – Gloves
Cryostorage Equipment – Liquid Nitrogen Sample Storage
Cryostorage Equipment – Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Cytotoxic Cabinets
Data Loggers – Basic
Data Loggers and Alarms
Density Meters
Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Downflow Benches
Dry Ice Containers
Drying Cabinets – Forensic
Evaporating Dishes
Filtration Consumables – Filter Capsules
Filtration Consumables – Filter Membranes
Filtration Consumables – Syringe Filters
Filtration Consumables – Upper Cups
Flame Photometers
Flow Cytometers
Formalin Containment Systems
Freeze Dryers
Freezer Mills
Freezers – -20°C
Freezers – -25°C to -45°C
Freezers – Cryogenic -150°C and -152°C
Freezers – Plasma
Freezers – Ultra-Low Temperature
Fridge Freezers
Fridges – Blood Bank
Fridges – Chromatography Cabinets
Fridges – Pharmacy
Fridges – Portable
Fume Cupboards – Ducted
Fume Cupboards – Recirculating
Fuming Chambers – Cyanoacrylate
Furniture – Laboratory
Gas Cylinder Change Over Units
Gas Cylinder Regulators
Gas Generators
Gel Documentation Systems
Gel Dryers
Gel Electrophoresis – 2D Systems
Gel Electrophoresis – Blotters and Accessories
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – Blocking Buffers
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – Blotting Membranes
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – ECL Substrates
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – Page Buffers
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – Protein Gel Staining
Gel Electrophoresis – Consumables – Protein Markers
Gel Electrophoresis – Power Supplies
Gel Electrophoresis – Tanks – Horizontal
Gel Electrophoresis – Tanks – Horizontal 96 Well
Gel Electrophoresis – Tanks – Vertical
Gelation Timers
Glass Washers – Consumables
Glass Washers – Laboratory
Glassware Consumables – Absorption Tubes
Glove Boxes – Anaerobic – Polymer
Glove Boxes – Anaerobic – Vinyl
Glove Boxes – Basic – Aluminium
Glove Boxes – Basic – Polymer
Glove Boxes – Basic – Vinyl
Glove Boxes – Dry – Aluminium
Glove Boxes – Dry – Polymer
Glove Boxes – Humidity Controlled – Aluminium
Glove Boxes – Humidity Controlled – Polymer
Glove Boxes – Hypoxic – Polymer
Glove Boxes – Hypoxic – Vinyl
Heat Sealers
Heating Blocks
Heating Mantles
Histology Products
Homogenisers – High Pressure
Hypoxic Chambers
Ice Buckets
Ice Makers
Incubators – CO2 And Multigas
Incubators – Cooled
Incubators – Cooled for Drosophila/Fruit Fly Research
Incubators – Plant Growth Cabinets
Incubators – Stability Chambers
Incubators – Warming Cabinets
Kjeldahl Equipment
Lab Coats
Lab Jacks
Label Printers
Laminar Flow Cabinets – Horizontal
Laminar Flow Cabinets – Vertical
Lead Rings
Legionella Testing
Liposome Extruders
Melting Point Apparatus
Microplate Readers
Microplate Sealers
Microplate Washers
Microscope Accessories – Cameras
Microscope Accessories – Cold Light Sources
Microscope Accessories – Ring Lights
Microscopy Supplies
Mills – Ball
Mills – Mixer
Mills – Swing
Mills – XRD
Moisture Analyser Balances
Monitors – Gas
Multi-parameter Meters
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits
Osmometers – Consumables
Ovens – Drying/Warming
Ovens – Hot Air Steriliser
Ovens – Hybridization
Ovens – Materials Testing
Ovens – Materials Testing With Cooling
Ovens – Safety Drying
Ovens – Vacuum
PCR Cabinets
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – Overshoes
pH and Conductivity Meters
Pipette Tips
Pipettes – Electronic
Pipettes – Manual
Pipettes – Serological
Pipetting Controllers
Plastic Consumables – Cell Scrapers
Plastic Consumables – Centrifuge Tubes
Plastic Consumables – Plates
Plastic Consumables – Roller Bottles
Plastic Consumables – Tissue Culture Dishes
Plastic Consumables – Tissue Culture Flasks
Plastic Consumables – Vacuum Bottles
Powder Fillers
Presses – Laboratory
Pumps – Dosing and Peristaltic
Pumps – Syringe
Pumps – Vacuum – General Purpose
Racks and Racking – Boxes for Freezers
Racks and Racking – Racks for Freezer Boxes
Racks and Racking – Racks for Microtubes/PCR
Racks and Racking – Test Tube Racks
Radiation Bins
Radiation Shielding
Radiation Storage
Reaction Stations
Recirculating Chillers and Cooled Water Baths
Rotary Evaporators
Safety Trays and Liners
Sample Concentrators
Sample Preparation Filters
Sanitisation Products – Hand Gel
Shakers – Microplate
Shakers – Non Incubating
Shaking Incubators
Shaking Incubators – CO2
Sieve Shakers
Sonicators – DNA, RNA and Chromatin Shearing
Sonicators – Probe Type
Spectrophotometers – FTIR
Spectroscopy Accessories – Cuvettes
Stirrers – Hotplate
Stirrers – Magnetic
Stirrers – Overhead
Storage Cabinets
Thermal Cyclers
Thermal Cyclers – qPCR System Real Time
Ultraviolet (UV) – Air Flow Cleaner-Recirculators
Ultraviolet (UV) – Cabinets
Ultraviolet (UV) – Lamps
Ultraviolet (UV) – Protection
Ultraviolet (UV) – Radiometers
Vacuum Concentrators
Water Baths – Boiling
Water Baths – Shaking
Water Baths – Sonicating
Water Baths – Stirred
Water Baths – Unstirred
Water Purification
X-ray Cassettes, Screens and Film
X-ray Developers/X-ray Processors
X-ray Film Consumables